ENEC 569 Current Issues in Ecology: ENEC 569 Syllabus 2019
GEOG 120 World Regional Geography: Geog 120 Syllabus 2018
GEOG/ENEC 437 Social Vulnerability to Climate Change: Geog 437 Syllabus 2019
GEOG/ENEC 451 Population, Development and the Environment: Geog 451 Syllabus 2019
GEOG 803 Human-Environment Research Seminar: Geog 803 Syllabus 2020

Current PhD: Doug Hopping, Sandeep Kandicuppa
Current Honors: Katie McMahon
Former Postdoc: Heather Randell, Jason Davis
Former PhD: Maia Call
Former MA: Matt Bozigar
Former Honors: Erika Munshi

Prospective graduate students interested in population, development and the environment should contact me well ahead of the application deadline by sending a CV and statement of research interests. Well-qualified students will have a degree in the social or environmental sciences, field experience in the developing world, and/or training in quantitative methods.